Thredbo 2017

So, the soccer season ended early as we got knocked out by Dandaloo in the semi-finals which meant I could go for the second time ever snowboarding down to Thredbo.

A group of us left Friday afternoon and did the 6-hour drive from Sydney and each of us having turns being the car DJ. A long drive, a wrong turn, a speeding fine and close call in hitting a wombat we managed arrived safely at the River Inn.

You can’t ask for better accommodation really! Breakfast included, an outdoor bar to party after the day’s activities and It’s basically attached to Gunbarrel Express lift so you can get to the top without any hassle.

I had purchased a InstaAir 360-degree camera which you attached to your mobile so the video below is footage taken on it.

We had perfect conditions according to me and most people.

Day 1 – Saturday it was snowing and it was breathtaking. Fresh snow in Spring! Mother nature was showing off!

Day 2 – Sunday it was clear blue skies with sun. Again, another delightful day and Mother nature showing off once again!