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Quote Number QUO-2958
Quote Date 24 September 2018
Total $9,536.70
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
18 Website Graphic Design

Time and materials for a graphic designer to design the look and feel of your website based on client instructions.

2 Premium WordPress Theme

Premium WordPress Theme (Yearly subscription)

20 Apply Design to WordPress

Time and materials for CSS developer to apply signed off design

12 Website Development for WordPress CMS - Content Management System

Time & materials to deploy development and live WordPress website.
- Creation of pages
- Creation of contact form(s)
- Creation of gallery/model profile and booking
- Creation of "become a model" form
- Test and verify

12 Search Engine Optimisation

Setup and Configure Yoast SEO Premium on website pages.

2 Yoast SEO Premium for Wordpress

Yoast SEO Premium for Wordpress (Yearly subscription)

2 Page Builder Premium for Wordpress

Page Builder Premium for Wordpress (Yearly subscription)

2 Domain Registration (2 Years)

Your domain name is the name of your site or your URL (

24 Website Hosting (2 Years)

Online storage where we will host your website ( + HTTPS certificate

24 Microsoft - Exchange Mailbox

All hosting comes with standard emails included. I would recommend using an exchange mailbox.

2 Setup Google Adwords

Time and materials to setup Google Adwords account
NOTE: Google Adwords is advertising meaning results will vary based on your budget. E.g. If you have $1000 a day budget there is a very high chance you will appear first in Google everytime until your budget for that day runs out. The key is to have your website Search Engine Optimised so naturally have your website appear on at least the first page.

Sub Total $9,536.70
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Total $9,536.70